Active Media Partners

The Future of Marketing is Here

After years of working with clients and realizing that marketing and advertising was designed for the advertising platforms to benefit more than our clients, we searched for a better way. It started with obvious questions like: why do we have to pay to be seen by thousands, when only a handful are even interested in the services our clients provide," and "how do we own a geographic area without either outspending our clients competitors?" This was a totally flawed system and frustrating. All it did was eat up our clients profits, or worse, forced them into a no marketing/advertising strategy. Through this process we came up with a process which educates consumers and a platform that identifies the 3% ready to use our clients services.

Our system employs the Active Media Marketing Methodâ„¢ and Behavioral Targeting to actually deliver results to our clients. Usually increasing their ROI by 1000% and cutting marketing cost by 75%. Our method and software is the future of all marketing; we can identify, by name, those consumers seeking to buy what you sell today, in your geographic area. This is an unfair advantage you can use to monopolize your marketplace. We can only work with one client in each geographic area, we hope that it is you. Schedule a 5 minute introductory call with one of our Associates to find out how you can beat your competition and increase your profits (calender here).

Profit: The Only True Metric

If you are doing $5,000,000 a year and want to go to $10,000,000 or you are doing $20,000,000 and want to go to $25,000,000, our method and platform can totally deliver. Think of us as your strategic partner.

Right now we can identify by name every person in your market who is looking to use your service. They can buy either from you, or someone else. If you could pick out those people by name, how much easier would it be for you to beat your competition? What would that be worth to you financially?We have a platform that tracks on-line behaviors so we can put your business in front of the exact people preparing to buy what you sell.

Remember we are the only company that delivers people based marketing with behavioral tracking and using the Active Media Marketing Methodâ„¢ increases business profits fast. We can only work with one business per area, although we are educating them all. We hope its you.